Tuesday 28 April 2020

Life changing moment while on lockdown !

Hello all

  I want to start with hoping everybody is well and coping as best they can during these stressful times that we are all going through due to the Corona virus outbreak that is sweeping the world at present . I hope you are all staying positive and trying to focus your mind on what you are planning to do when this is all over .

  Which leads me to my story , Lockdown has not come too hard for me if I am honest as I have always appreciated quiet thinking time and always coped quite well being left to my own devices creatively and by way of self discipline .  I took the time to concentrate on my future and which road I want my life to take .  I have always been interested in business and being creative , always trying to forge my own way forward and not conforming to what I was taught at school and by family members with statements like ''what job do you want for your career'' and ''you need to get a trade'' or ''get a good job'' I was never really interested and thought there must be more to life that being stuck in a job you don't particularly like for the rest of your working life . That is no life to me.

  I started my antiques business quite a few years back , leaving my job and throwing myself in head first in search of my dream of wealth , When I say wealth I do not only mean the financial rewards that come with successful business ownership but also the freedom , happiness and health benefits I get from enjoying getting out of bed every morning looking forward to the creative working day ahead.  I enjoy being in control of my own destiny , hitting targets and having that sense of achievement .

  During the lockdown I have been as busy as I was before if not busier , trying to find ways of pushing my businesses and investments further forward , as I scoured Google I stumbled upon this great man and website which I believe could help all aspiring entrepreneurs find the right mental space and direction needed to achieve all of your dreams and aspirations in life no matter what they might be .  This guy's name is Bob Procter , Bob has over 50 years experience in coaching and educating people with the goal of improving their mental thought processes and giving them clear defined instructions to achieving all they desire Bob has worked with many influential business people and learned from the legendary Earl Nightingale ,  At first I was sceptical as we all are when we see such promises and statements being made but I can honestly say that this man's coaching has changed my life 100% and given me the sheer belief and desire to go and reach my goals .  I just cannot put into words just how powerful this information is and annoyingly how simple .like why can I not have thought of this myself ,  It sounds obvious but it's not , Its a very well hidden secret that can only be unlocked if you are fully committed to listen and put into action what he is telling you and trust me when I say it is not rocket science and achievable to everyone if you want it.

  So I can honestly say that although this lockdown has been a tragic time (we can all learn from our courageous front line workers and Captain Tom) I have learned so much in such a small space of time and pushed my life and goals onto the next level thanks to finding this Man's work and buying into it completely .  I urge all aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone with a long term life goal or desire to check this guy out and get your life moving in the direction you want ,  Its real life changing stuff!!


I have added a link for you to check out which will connect you with his site . Take a look it might just change your life too so do me a favour and let me help you . Just copy and paste this link into your browser and take a look for free.


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