Sunday 17 May 2020

How to build a valuable Chinese porcelain collection

How to build a valuable Chinese porcelain collection

For the beginner !

        I have been thinking to myself during this crazy lockdown pandemic time how I could offer some value to my readers and subscribers who have an interest into building a valuable and Chinese porcelain collection and don't know how to get started, maybe you are a novice and have the desire to start collecting Chinese porcelain or maybe you have some inherited pieces you would like to learn more about?  
       Chinese porcelain is a passion of mine and for years now I have been gaining the knowledge and experience through building my own collection and I wish that when I started I had someone who could have guided me in the right direction with simple instructions and advice fit for a novice/ beginner as many websites and books can be confusing and off putting with too much technical boring text that is really not at all that inspiring for someone just starting their journey of collecting.

       Which is why I am spending a lot of time writing a series of ebooks to guide you through the exiting process of building a collection that you desire, I have started with this short 24 page ebook called ''How to build a valuable Chinese porcelain collection - For the beginner '' which in hope will guide you through the first stage of your journey with easy to understand text, plain simple instructions and good images to hopefully make things a little easier for you to read and increase your knowledge and inspire you on this exiting journey that I love so much.

       I will be releasing more ebooks in this series delving deeper into more specific areas of Chinese porcelain ideal as your interest and knowledge grows in the future so make sure you subscribe to my email list so you receive heads up as soon as they are published.

Here is a link to my first book which I am proud to publish for you all!

You can either copy and paste the link or go to my homepage here on my blog to get the first instalment in this series.

Stay safe and all the best.

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