We all loved the Pixar movies growing up, which is why our parents bought us toys that related to our deep interest. These toys may have been opened and now rest at the bottom of your old toy box, or were left in the original packaging and saved for a later date. The point is, you never know what treasures you might find hidden in your past.

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We have compiled a list of Pixar collectibles that you may have in your possession. These toys have aged with time and now are worth a pretty penny. Keep reading to learn about ten expensive Pixar collectibles you might have in your old toy box!


10#144 Race Damaged Mood Springs - $200

This small little car is from the Final Lap Collection and looks like nothing more than a broken toy you probably considered tossing. It was released back in 2010 and is one of the rarest collectibles from the set. People are still looking to add this renowned beauty to their collection, but it is worth more if it was kept within the original packaging. You could help an avid car collector complete their collection, and put an extra $200 in your empty wallet.

9Vinylmation - $300

Vinylmation has been around for several years, and they create more than just Pixar toys. There are three different Pixar sets and four subsets for people to collect. The price a collector will pay for a Vinylmation Pixar character is dependant upon the condition, rarity, and how many pieces of the set you have in your possession. A good rule of thumb is the more pieces you have to a single collection, the higher price you might be able to get for them.

8Luxo Jr. Collectible Desk Lamp - $2,900

This might not seem like much of anything, but the $2,900 price tag might change your mind. This was a limited edition piece released in 2009 that is usually only found broken or opened, but the best ones have remained untouched inside of a package. People crave this staple piece of Pixar's history and it is a must have for any collector. You might have one still plugged in at your kid's desk or hidden in the bottom of a toybox, but either way, it might be time you sold it for a bit of cash.

76.75-Inch Scale Model Of Wall-E - $600

It might come as a surprise that this little model of Wall-E will fetch you the giant price tag of $600. This little guy costs so much because only six-hundred of these were produced. Collectors love the detail and rarity of the figurine as well as bragging rights when they finally find someone willing to part ways with their own. This model might not seem like much from the outside, but the vacation you will be able to afford once you sell it might make the picture much clearer.

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6Motor Speedway Of The South Set - $1,200

This original set has a total of thirty-six cars and the prices can range anywhere from $1,200 to $4,000 depending upon the completeness and condition of your set. There are those out there who will buy individual cars to complete a set, but usually, the real money comes if you have the entire thing, with the box and all. You may not have thought much of them when you tore open the packaging as a kid, but now you might see their value and have a new use for them.

5Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Action Wing Pack - $100

The Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Action Wing Pack was originally on sale for $50, but now it has raised in price to help you make a few extra dollars. Many people are selling them for around $100 due to it only being released for a single year back in 2010. It is filled with a variety of sounds and sensors to make kids feel like they are really flying, and collectors feel their Toy Story 3 collections are incomplete without it.

4Princess Merida And Queen Elinor Limited Edition Doll Set - $350

These were released back in 2012 and would have originally been bought for $200. This set has matured since then and can now be sold for around $350 if it was kept within its original box. Your child may have thrown it in the back of the closet or you might have it stashed away where it was safe from their grubby hands. It doesn't matter the reasoning, but you should know you do have the option to get some of your money back for this set.

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3Stinky Pete Doll From Woody's Round-Up Young Epoch - $1,700

This Stinky Pete Collectible is originally from Japan and is greatly sought after as it goes for prices in the $1,700 range. The rest of the set does not sell for more than $300, but the reason this one is so much is due to its rarity. Collectors usually will buy it used or new, but they prefer it to have its original packaging and to be mainly untouched. This toy might not have seemed like much back in the day, but now you might be happy you kept it for so many years.

2Incredibles Designer Doll Set LE 1023 - $400

This collectible was only sold at the D23 EXPO back in 2017 and only 1,023 of these were released. They were originally sold for $200, but now you can make the money back and more if you decide to sell this artifact. It should also be known that each individual collectible is labeled by a number which indicates the order in which it was manufactured. Collectors are looking for lower numbers, so your low-numbered box might bring you a good payout.

1Steiff Toy Story Sheriff Woody Limited Edition LE 113 - $3,250

This Woody figurine is another collectible from the D23 EXPO in 2017. This toy was created by Steiff in Germany and it was created entirely by hand. This was a limited edition item and people want it due to its extreme rarity. You might be wondering why anyone would want such a basic item, but it is the craftsmanship that sets this little guy apart from the rest. You shouldn't wait to dig through your toy box, because you never know what treasures you might find.