Monday 4 June 2018

Eye opening trip to Amsterdam........


  Just back from a very relaxing and eye opening trip to Amsterdam , only meant to be a relaxing holiday to my favourite city but as usual I always end up with a partial busman's holiday as well .

  We left on the Monday morning arriving in a very warm Amsterdam and already feeling relaxed and in good mood we made the short trip from Schiphol airport to the hotel we were staying in , After booking in we left for the city Centre with already the thought of Chinese porcelain and antiques in the back of my mind .  with the Netherlands rich history of shipping ports it is the ideal place to see many different cultures and none more than the varied antiques from all over the world that Amsterdam is proud to be a haven for.

  There are quite a few antique shops in Amsterdam city Centre , most out of my budget but still a feast for the eyes for a student of antiques , along with wonderful museums showing exactly the vast history of trading throughout the world for many centuries past. 

  After visiting the museums and blowing my own mind voluntarily seeing porcelain, glass and other art and antiques from the Netherlands , China , Italy and many other places I was energized and biting at the bit to get out and find that elusive bargain that you can only dream of finding , I visited quite a few antique and book shops during the trip but as I mentioned earlier mostly as an interested spectator as most items were priced to the highest values.

  I was fully aware that on the Thursday , Amsterdam holds a large and exiting market along one of the canals in the city that is full of dealers selling almost anything from waffles to antiques , vintage clothing books and much more so I had something to look forward to and something I would recommend to any likeminded people with a passion for the business I am in , So I could bide my time.  When the Thursday came after many canal boat rides and attractions we made the sunny walk to the market and it was not a disappointment , I only wish we could have stayed in Amsterdam longer as I could have literally filled boxes full of unusual antique pieces ready to fill my antiques shop here at home , it really is a haven for all types of vintage antique and collectible pieces .

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Amsterdam and It really opened my eyes to the opportunities available in the antiques trade if you dare to think bigger and venture into the continental market to purchase stock for the U.K Market ,  The selection is amazing and the prices very reasonable , definitely food for thought for the future.

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